The success or the St. Francis of Assisi Food Pantry Program is due to you, our parishioners, friends, neighbors, and volunteers, who are committed to the “Fight Against Hunger”.

We rely on the donations from our parishioners, friends, local schools, charitable donations, fundraisers, food drives, and memorial contributions in memory of loved ones. We are a non-profit ministry without government funding or outside assistance. It is through your generosity and a helping hand from the Lord that this program exists and is helping so many families in their time of need.

We accept donations of: Non-Perishable Food Items; Grocery Gift Cards; Cash/Checks; and Online Contributions through VANCO available on St. Francis of Assisi Website.

Non-Perishable Food Items:
Canned Beans, Chili, Fruit, Soups, Stew, Tomato Sauce and Vegetables
Macaroni and Cheese
And all other non-perishable food items

The food items provided are a supplemental pre-packaged basic bag of groceries that vary based on food donations.

All food donations may be dropped off at St. Francis of Assisi Church sacristy before or after all masses, or placed in the vestibule of the Church. Monetary donations may be placed in the weekly collection basket at mass, or mailed to the St. Francis of Assisi Food Pantry, 125 Park Street, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660.

If you have any questions regarding the Food Pantry Program, please contact Sally Zeuner or Mercedes Rueda at 201-641-6464 during normal business hours.


Role and Responsibilities of the Dean
The Dean collaborates closely with the Archbishop in the pastoral care of the faithful, while striving to be an attentive “older brother” to the priests of the deanery, especially those who are ill or in difficult situations...
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