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CCD Mrs. Esau's Middle School Eucharist Class
CCD Mrs. Goldblatt's 2nd Grade Class
CCD Mr. Appel's 4th Grade Class

Faith Formation PROGRAM

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Our school consists of over 200 students who grow in the faith that begins at home with our parents!

Our volunteer teachers are trained to help the children learn about God and the Catholic Church in a safe and fun environment.

We encourage parents to attend two Family Sessions during the year which include take-home activities to work on with your child so you can deepen your faith connection.

We offer a Family Mass at 5pm on the first Sunday of the month and encourage everyone to join us!

We also offer opportunities for the children (and the parents) to get involved in the St. Francis community, including our children's choir and our family greeter program.

Interested in being a Faith Formation Teacher or Sub? Click here for more information!


Classes for Grades 1 through 7 are held on weekly Sunday from 10:45am-12pm (beginning at the end of September and finishing in May).

Classes for Grades 8 & 9 (Confirmation preparation) are held on MONTHLY Sunday afternoons/evenings and include Family Masses (beginning in October and finishing in June).


Children are required to have 2 years of preparation for the Sacrament of First Communion.

We do offer special Middle School Eucharist classes (weekly) for children in grades 3, 4, & 5 and special Sacrament Teen classes (monthly) for children in grades 6, 7, & 8 who are past due for First Communion.

We also offer a monthly High School program for students who are in grades 9 & 10 who have no completed First Communion and/or Confirmation.

Students entering grades 11 & 12 and anyone over the age of 18 should inquire about our adult RCIA classes. Please click here for more information!


YEARLY Faith Formation classes are required in order for our students to be fully prepared to receive all of their Sacraments and to grow consistently in their faith. Please continue to register your child for classes until they receive their Confirmation (or they may not be eligible to receive with their peers!!).

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