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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

To win the fight against hunger within our parish community by providing much needed non-perishable food items to those in need. 

We are committed to serving the needs of all members of our parish community regardless of race, color religion, or age, with dignity and respect. We are simply a parish family helping families who are struggling through these hard economic times by providing them with much needed food items.

Food Pantry

Patty Acosta
 Food Pantry


A small church pantry was started over 25 years ago to provide food to several families within our parish. Through the years that followed, the Food Pantry grew and expanded to serve not only St. Francis of Assisi parishioners but the entire community of Ridgefield Park. Today, a fully-operational, volunteer-run Food Pantry exists, supplying supplemental non-perishable food items to approximately 85 families on a bi-weekly basis. Our current client list provides much needed food to an estimated 350 men, women, and children each month. We consider ourselves a small food pantry with a great need helping to feed families of our parish community who come to our door for assistance.



The success of the Food Pantry Program is due to our parishioners, friends, neighbors, and volunteers who are committed to the "Fight Against Hunger."

We rely on the donations of our parishioners, local schools, organizations, and companies through charitable donations, fundraisers, food drives, and memorial contributions in memory of loved ones. We are a non-profit ministry without government funding or outside assistance. It is through your generosity and a helping hand from the Lord that this program exists and is helping so many families in their time of need. 

We accept donations of: Non-Perishable Food Items (more information below), Grocery Cash/Checks.

All food donations may be dropped off at the St. Francis of Assisi Church sacristy before or after all Masses, or placed in the vestibule of the Church. Monetary donations may be placed in the weekly collection basket at Mass or mailed to the St. Francis of Assisi Food Pantry at 125 Park Street, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, Attention: Patty Acosta

Non-Perishable Food Items:

  • Canned Beans, Chili, Fruit, Soups, Stew, Tomato Sauce, Tuna, Chicken, Chile, & Vegetables

  • Cereal, Oatmeal, Pancake Mix, & Syrup

  • Coffee, Tea, & Hot Chocolate

  • Macaroni & Cheese

  • Pasta, Rice, and other grains

  • All other non-perishables

The food items provided are a supplemental pre-packaged basic bag of groceries that vary based on food donations.

Outreach Programs:


In addition to non-perishable food items, the children of our Food Pantry receive chocolate bunnies.


This program helps to make Thanksgiving dinner special by providing complete customized holiday meals to Food Pantry families. Thanksgiving food items such as stuffing, cranberry sauce, and muffin mix are distributed to clients with a turkey or ham.


Special holiday-related food items are donated and distributed to our families along with a variety of toys and/or gift's donated by our generous parishioners, friends, and  organizations who volunteer to participate in the Giving Tree Program.


Through the generosity of the Mosaic Lodge #194 of Ridgefield Park, the Lodge invites all the young Food Pantry children to a special "Breakfast with Santa" as their guests.


Hot food is donated by parishioners and friends to help feed the homeless at the Shelter in Hackensack, NJ. Click here for more information.

Outreach Programs


The Food Pantry thrives due to the hard work and dedication of the men and women from St. Francis of Assisi Parish who generously donate their time to this ministry.

Deacon Vic Conversano - Food Pantry Assistant

Jean Pierce - Certified Food Handler


Tomas & Digna Catral

Ana Delgado

Carole Dembski

Patricia Ferri

Rich & Joanne Figueroa

Jeanette Guirguis

Joanne Iorio

Donald Ingwersen

Patsy McLoughlin

Barbara Scullin

Mary Simonovich


Deacon Vic Conversano

John Cardiello

Bill Kurdach

Steve Koskinen

Greg Schneider

Nicholas Schneider

Ricardo & Gabriela Villa


Moritza Jones

Jerry Schiller


Lisandra Martinez (Adopt A Family)

Donna LaTour (Giving Tree)

Rosemary Thurston (Feeding the Homeless)

Food Pantry Hours


Bi-Weekly Schedule

Tuesdays: 9:30am - 10am

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