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Faith Formation Teachers

All of our Faith Formation teachers are volunteers who lead classes from September through May on weekly Sundays from 10:45am-12:00pm. (We also have monthly Sunday classes for our JR High & HS students). 

We also have a list of volunteer subs for when our teachers are unavailable. It's a great way to ease in and see what it's like to be in the classroom!

A Protecting God's Children seminar is required and all materials (teaching manuals, etc.) are provided. There is plenty of support from our staff and fellow teachers - we have a great team!

If you are a current parent, the Family Fee is waived for volunteering to teach!

There are only 25 classes throughout the academic year, and it's a great opportunity to work with the youth of our parish!

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Patricia Acosta with Mike, Elisa, Kate and Gloria
Director of Religious Education

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