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Social Concerns &
Respect Life Ministry

The Respect Life Ministry promotes the Catholic Church's teaching on the respect, care, and protection of human life from conception to natural death. They also offer aid in affirming the dignity of life and providing support to people in need.

Catholic Social Justice teaches us that all people are made in the image of God and so possess an equal and inalienable worth. Because of this essential dignity, each person has a right to all that is needed to allow him or her to live their full potential as intended by God. As God is love, we were created to love and be in relationship with each other. Human dignity is upheld when each person's needs are met and when he or she lives in harmony with others in a community that together pursues the common good.

Deacon Vic Conversano, Respect Life Coordinator

Deacon Vic Conversano
Respect Life Coordinator

Respect Life is not just anti-abortion.

Topics addressed:

  • Capital Punishment

  • Child Abuse

  • Domestic Violence

  • Elder Abuse

  • End of Life Issues

  • Help to Single Mothers

  • Human Trafficking

  • LGBTQ & Community

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Substance Abuse

  • Teen Suicide

Prayer for Making a Difference:

Grant, gentle Father, that your Spirit may give us the will and the courage to act to make a difference, in order to make real your kingdom among us, so that we may all live together in peace, truth, justice, and love, sharing the resources of the earth. Amen.



In our ongoing mission to respect life may we look to the words of Pope Francis; “Whatever we have can bear fruit if we give it away – that is what Jesus wants to tell us – and it does not matter whether it is great or small. The Lord does great things with our littleness. He does not work spectacular miracles or wave a magic wand; he works with simple things. God’s omnipotence is lowly, made up of love alone. And love can accomplish great things with little. The Eucharist teaches us this: for there we find God himself contained in a piece of bread. Simple, essential, bread broken and shared, the Eucharist we receive allows us to see things as God does. It inspires us to give ourselves to others. It is the antidote to the mindset that says: “Sorry, that is not my problem,” or: “I have no time, I can’t help you, it’s none of my business”.  Or that looks the other way…” (A selection from the Holy Father’s homily on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi), June 23, 2019)


Bergen County Alternatives to Domestic Violence

Provides services to help the victim, the abuser, and the family caught in the cycle of domestic violence.

Rachel's Vineyard

A safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion.

Center for Hope & Safety

Dedicated to assisting victims & survivors of domestic violence, and their children, by turning fear into safety, helplessness into strength, and isolation into hope.

Strengthen our Sisters

Enabling women & their children to transition from a life of homelessness, domestic violence and poverty to one of stability & self-sufficiency.

Mercy House

Offers a welcoming space for individuals and families in need, and to provide emotional support & healing.

Walking with Moms in Need

A time of service in which Catholic parishes & communities "walk in the shoes" of local pregnant and parenting women in need.

New Hope Pregnancy Resource Center

Offering free assistance to first time single mothers during pregnancy & after their baby is born.

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